Our Mission Statement
Junior Grizzly Football and Cheer are committed to excellence:  motivating and challenging our athletes through a partnership of football players, cheerleaders, coaches, parents and community.  Success for our athletes will be defined as the self-satisfaction in knowing they have done the best that they are capable of doing.  Our program will always be about our athletes – we want to build them up at all times.  We will create and nurture an atmosphere where our athletes understand that a positive attitude along with their best effort and hard work mixed with a little fun are the keys to success; there are no gimmicks or shortcuts.

Back to School Apparel Sale

The Granite Bay Junior Grizzlies partnership with LIDS is having a back to school sale on our Sideline Store.  Students, athletes, parents, alumni, and fans can now purchase their favorite SCHOOL custom logo’d apparel products at a great price, Enter Coupon Code SEPTSAVE from September 1 until September 21 to save $20 on purchases of $75 or more!  Click here for the coupon and visit the Sideline Store by clicking here.
Saturday, August 29, 2015 8:39 PM

Collaborate with you team!

Collaborate with your team with our new team sites now available.  Team sites are new to us this year.  Each team will have their own site where you can view your roster, schedules and other information specific to your team.  Your coaches and team parent(s) will be able to communicate with your team directly from this site.  Invite friends and family to your team site as well.  

Your team site links will be on your account page immediately after you log in or click here for the team sites home page.  You must be registered to see a team site.

You can also link your team(s) calendar to your smart phone.  To learn how click here.

Become a Sponsor

Every dollar will go directly to the program itself.  No fees are paid to coaches or members of the board of directors.  Click here to learn about Sponsorship Opportunities.

Sponsor a player in need of financial hardship through our Grizzly Cub Sponsor.  Click here for more details and instructions on how to sponsor a grizzly.

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